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Stonbrak capsules is long researched secret formula based on ancient traditional herbal knowledge which is tried, tested and trusted for thousands of years. Stonbrak is a natural product that contains ingredients which have been shown to help eliminate all kidney stone types while providing effective relief. Stonbrak capsules reduce all your problems relate to Kidney Stone.


Hajarulayahud Bhasma, Jasad Bhasma, Guggul Shodhit, Gokhru, Varuna, Shigru, Manjistha, Daruharidra, Musta, Punarnava, Ushir, Palash, Apamarg, Darbha, Kulitha, Pashanbhed.


•Kidney Stone

•Urinary Tract Stone

•Urinary Bladder Stone

•Renal Colic

•Stranguary/ Painful Urination


•Post-Lithotripsy Recurrence

•Urinary Tract Infections



Two capsules per day for 30 consecutive days. One Capsule in the morning (empty stomach) and the other in the evening after dinner or as directed by physician. In case of history of frequent reoccurrence, continue the dose for three months.

Pack Size

60 Capsules